A zine paying tribute to the winged hero - Hawks.


nterest check - August 1st - October 20thMod Applications (if needed) - September 1st - November 20thContributor Applications - November 3st - January 4Results send - January 10thDeadline to join the server - January 20thPitch Submission - February 1stPitch results - February 16thCheck in 1 - March 20th - 25% of your piece doneCheck in 2 - April 20th - 50 % of your piece doneCheck in 3 - May 20th - 75% of your piece doneFinal submission - June 15th - hard deadline for 100% of your piece.Available for download/distribution - July 20th (relative date, depending on how the rest of the zine goes)

The Team

Lerya - Headmod
Contributed so several zines, Modding several discord servers and writer Mod for Buggy Zine and several to be announced zines.
Why I love Hawks: I think he's just an amazing character, he's so complex and multi-faceted that I just want to look for more.

Franky - Writing Mod
Contributor to several zines, modding his own server, as well as different mod positions in several zines including Rock that boat Zine.
Why I love Hawks: I'm a sucker for a charisma and bird boys. He's both, how could I not?

Ame - Art Mod
Head Mod - Sailing the Stars, a One Piece Space zine
Instagram - Hosted many event like giveaway, collaboration and secret santa
Instagram - Secret Santa 2023 (currently open)
Discord - Mod and Server creator
Website creator
Social media - Experience in artist's growth
Why I love Hawks: If I had a superpower I would totally fly!
Also blonde hair dude

Aye - Formatting Mod
Formatting Mod On: Kizuki - An Upper Moon Zine; Sailing the Stars - A One Piece Space Zine; Payday - A Mei Mei Zine
Why I love Hawks: He's SO cool! I love his eyeliner and his hero costume ❤️

Emily - GRaphics Mod
Head Mod on: Lavender Breeze Moonshin Bang, Firecracker: a Katsuki Bakugou bang, Loud blondes exchange.
Art Mod on: KV Mini Bang, Entangled Partners Zine.
Graphics mod on: Sero Celebration Bang, Bang! PYHU Present Mic Bang, Sights and Sounds EraserMic Bang
Why I love Hawks: I love everything about him if I had to choose one though it would be his attitude


GeneralDepending on what the interest check reveals, the idea was to have a general Hawks part, and a shipping part to the Zine.
Which shippings and the general connections to Hawks used in the zine will be determined by the Interst Check.
We're looking for contributors who are 18+.
This is still a zine featuring Hawks so he has to be the main character of each piece.
We will be having two pieces to the zine, one is SFW with ratings up to T, which can include ships but nothing more than kissing.
The other is NSFW and can go up to E in rating and can also include ships.
We will only be using ships where the people included in said ship are adults in canon.
WritersAs we're planning on a piece of 2,000 words for a writer, we'd like to see what you're able to do based on; characterisation, depicting a setting, conveying emotion and depth in your story, as well as grammar.
For the interest check please link 3 - 5 of your best pieces between 1,500 and 2,500 words, as well as a link to your full portfolio. Preferably at least one piece has to feature a character of the MHA/BNHA universe.
ArtistsAs we're planning on accepting merch artists, page artists and spot artist for this zine, it depends on which role you see yourself doing. Merch artist are expected to make merch based off of Hawks/pairing with Hawks in it that can be downloaded with the free zine (think bookmarks, a stickersheet or a A5 print). Spot artist are expected to make art for 1 - 3 written pieces which either include one larger drawing or up to three smaller ones. Page artist are expected to make a page spread of either one page, or a double page. We'd like to see what you're able to do based on; depiction of a character (movement, anatomy), depth in your piece (emotion depicted, use of color and shading) and backgrounds (especially for page artists).
For the interest check please link 3 - 5 of your best pieces, as well as a link to your full portfolio. Preferable at least one piece has a MHA/BNHA character featured.


Will this be a digital zine?
How much will it cost?
0; unless you feel the need to support the contributors.
Will there be shipping featured?
This is the intention, which ships are to be determined after the IC.
Can this feature an AU or Canon-divergent Storyline?
Seeing as it's a zine celebrating Hawks as the character, as long as he's the main character in your piece this can be done.
Can I add in my OC (original character)?
No, this zine will feature canon characters only. OCs, self-inserts or reader-inserts will not appear.
Will this zine touch on spoilers?
Most likely, some contributors will be up to date on the manga so spoilers can be included.
Why do I have to be 18+ to join?
Because of the possible NSFW character of this zine, as well as the topics no doubt discussed in the server we'd like to make sure all our contributors are 18+ at the time of their application.
Do I need to have zine experience to get in?
No, the idea is to base our picks on who gives off the best vibe we're looking for. No need for previous zine experience, but some experience in creating in general might give you a head start.
Is it needed to have created for MHA/BNHA before?
Not needed but it is something we take into consideration as we want to be true to characters depicted.


A Digital Zine featuring the winged hero Hawks, and the relationships (platonic and romantic) that are often connected to him.Depending on the interest check the possible ships will be announced, but for now know these will be featured.Because of his nature as a background character, we are open to AU-centric and canon-divergent storylines to make it into the zine!Depending on the interest check, features such as merch might get added before applications arrive.